PSP-LT140-IS is used for membrane switch display sensors thin film PV and general printed electronics applications. It is compatible with low temperature substrates such as polycarbonate paper and PET.



Product Description
PSP-LT140-IS is a screen printable silver paste that is used for membrane switch, display, sensors, thin film PV and general printed electronics applications. The paste is compatible with low temperature substrates such as polycarbonate, paper and PET due to its low curing temperature (60-140˚C). The paste can also be dried at room temperature over a 12 hour period.
Product Benefits
  • Low temperature sintering temperature (60-140˚C)
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent electrical conductivity (<8 mΩ/□/mil)
Paste Preparation
PSP-LT140-IS is a single part paste system. Once the paste has been removed from the container for printing, this may introduce contamination.
Please do not replace the paste in the container. The paste should be gently stirred before use avoiding incorporation of air bubbles.
Properties of Uncured Paste
Test Properties
Viscosity after mixing (Pa.s)
(Cone & plate, 50s-1, 20oC)
Screen residence time Please add diluent after 2 hours if the paste has not been used to compensate for solvent evaporation losses and ensure consistent printing.
Thinner For slight adjustments in viscosity, please contact us.
Coverage 180 cm2/g
Solids Content 75-78 %

Paste Processing Conditions
Parameter Typical Properties
Substrate PC, PET
Screen 325 SS, 13 µm emulsion
Flood speed 50 mm/s
Print speed 30 mm/s
Squeegee type 90A Shore
Squeegee Pressure 3.5 kg
Squeegee holding angle 60º
Squeegee Length 220 mm

Once printed the silver paste should be left in ambient for 5min to allow levelling. The paste can be dried using either a convection oven or using IR heating. Typical drying parameters used are 90ºC for 30 mins or 120ºC-140ºC for 10 mins. Drying times may be reduced to achieve the optimum resistivity depending on manufacturing process set-up.
Properties of Cured Paste
Test Typical Properties
Sheet Resistance <8 mΩ/ □ /mil
Volume Resistivity <22 µΩ.cm
Adhesion 5B
Resolution (L/S) 100 µm

Reliability Data

Equipment can be cleaned using ketones such as acetone.
Storage and shelf-life
For optimum results, the containers should be stored in a fridge (4˚C) with lids tightly sealed. The paste shelf-life for an unopened container is 6 months from date of shipment. Please ensure the material has time to reach room temperature before use. Avoid introduction of water into the paste.
Safety and handling
For safe use of this product, please review relevant material safety and datasheet (MSDS).

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